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Brixel - Hackerspace Hasselt

Welcome on the Wiki of Brixel, Hackerspace Hasselt.
For more information about a Hackerspace, please see the F.A.Q.

Meeting us

Brixel HQ is located in Spalbeek and we organise events and meetings on tuesday and friday. We do not have something planned every tuesday and friday, but we try to be open as much as possible.
Please subscribe to our public mailinglist to get informed about these happenings to avoid standing before a closed door.

Normally, we gather at around 18:00h localtime, but that can vary. There is no fixed endtime.

Other meetings for hacking, socializing and discussions happen most of the time during weekends, please check out the "Upcoming events" below. We welcome everybody, young or old, even non-members, at all of these events and in our Brixel HQ. Come have a look, it is fun!
The past events can be seen on the event page.

Upcoming events

Brixel Projects

A Project

Some of our hacks and exploits are documented in the form of a "Project".

The 5 most recently updated projects are displayed below, but you can see all our current and past projects on the projectpage.