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Brixel - Hackerspace Hasselt:Privacy policy

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All actions on this website can be viewed by all users as this is a Wiki.
All published material will be available for all.


This website makes use of cookies. They are used in a generic way to store your personal settings. Below you can find detailed information:

General Cookies

  • MediaWiki_BrixelUserID: When you are logged in on the Wiki, this cookie will contain your user ID.
  • MediaWiki_BrixelUserName: When you are logged in on the Wiki, this cookie will contain your username.
  • MediaWiki_BrixelToken: When you are logged in on the Wiki, this cookie will contain a security token to verify whether you are properly authenticated.
  • MediaWiki_Brixel_session: This cookies contains a session ID for MediaWiki access.

Setting Cookies

These cookies store your personal settings, but only if you make use of certain functionalities:

  • uls-previous-languages: defines your prefered language.
  • wikiEditor-0-booklet-characters-page and wikiEditor-0-toolbar-section: These cookies store your preferences of the WYSIWYG WikiEditor.

Tracking Cookies

  • _pk_id.Brixel_Wiki.<ID> and _pk_id.1.<ID>: These cookies are used for website analytics. Please see below for more information.

Web analytics

wiki.brixel.be uses website analytics software to allow us to see which webpages are popular, which pages appear to be slow, receive information about the visitors (O.S., webbrowser, installed plugins, screensize, etc...), see if and when visitors return to our website, etc...

This is done to optimize the website and provide statistical information about visits.

We have specifically chosen for piwik.org to do web analytics, so we are in control of all the generated data. We will not share this with third parties and the data is only available to a limited set of people within Brixel.

Although web analytics tools have a great potential for misuse, we do respect your privacy:

  • We will not share the analytics data.
  • The data is only available for a limited time. (Maximum 2 months.)
  • If you enable the "do-not-track" functionality in your webbrowser, we will respect it and won't track you.
  • Alternatively you can manually opt-out by clicking here. (This requires a cookie to be set to make your choice persistent.)

For more information, please visit http://piwik.org/privacy/