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Assets and Artwork

From Brixel - Hackerspace Hasselt
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Project: Assets and Artwork
Description: Assets and Artwork
Status: In progress
Participants: Woutervddn, Kefcom, RoelandK
Edit tags: Assets and Artwork

Since it is still unclear what the Brixel Logo is, and we have a couple of other Artwork thingies that should be handled, I decided to make a project out of it.

If you have any artwork that belongs to Brixel, please submit it here (preferably in SVG or other vector format. If not possible: use PNG or other LOSSLESS format). Note that all your creations should be licenced by Creative Commons.


Full logo's



Special Editions

Small logo's


With URL

Special Editions

source files (illustrator/svg files)

EPS files

Early proposal woutervddn

laptop stickers

Property Stickers

Other files

http://wiki.brixel.be/uploads/a/a2/Drawing_space.svg Floorplan of the space. it should be pretty accurate.