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Bee Hive Frameholder

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Project: Bee Hive Frameholder
Description: Bee Hive Frameholder
Status: Completed
Participants: Johan
Expertise: lasercutting, Inkscape
Edit tags: Bee Hive Frameholder


This is a simple frameholder to hold bee hive frames during hive inspections. The design is made for Dadant-Blatt honeysuper frames.

The parts can be assembled with, or without, glue and are intented to be lasercut on 9mm MDF.
Post factum 9mm seems to be a little on the "overkill" side. :-)

The SVG is included to customize if desired.


Design file

Click here to download the SVG file with all components.
You might need to redistribute the parts, or divide into multiple jobs, depending on the workarea of the lasercutter used.

The footprint is about 52 x 17 cm.

Artwork attribution