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Brixel HQ

From Brixel - Hackerspace Hasselt
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Brixel HQ
Alternative Name Brixel HQ
Address Spalbeekstraat 34
City Spalbeek
Province Limburg
Country Belgium
Coordinates 50.951061, 5.230621
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URL http://www.brixel.be

It is here: https://maps.google.be/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=spalbeekstraat+34,+spalbeek


By bike

There are bikeracks available to lock your bike at the back entrance.

By public transport


Frequent Inter City (IC) train service from most mayor cities in Belgium: Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven (Louvain), Ghent, Liège, Bruges, ... The trains are operated by the Belgian federal government "NMBS/SNCB".


Next to the building is a bus stop "Spalbeek Centrum" (± 5m). Other bus stops in close proximity are "Spalbeek Kerk" (± 170m) and "Spalbeek Spalbeekstraat" (± 400m). The buses are marked with "De Lijn", the Flemish regional government public transport.

  • Coming from Hasselt (Station):
    • 91 (Hulst/Tessenderlo) - Bus stop: "Spalbeek Centrum" - Duration: ± 18 min
    • 35c (Tessenderlo/Diest) - Bus stop: "Spalbeek Centrum" - Duration: ± 18 min - Rush Hour ONLY
    • H1 (Kermt) - Bus stop: "Spalbeek Kerk" - Duration: ± 28 min
    • 299 (Diest) - Bus stop: "Spalbeek Spalbeekstraat" - Duration: ± 18 min
  • Coming from Diest (Station):
    • 299 (Hasselt) - Bus stop: "Spalbeek Spalbeekstraat" - Duration: ± 29 min
    • 35c (Hasselt) - Bus stop: "Spalbeek Centrum" - Duration: ± 47 min - Rush Hour ONLY
  • Coming from Tessenderlo (Hulst Kerk):
    • 91 (Hasselt) - Bus stop: "Spalbeek Centrum" - Duration: ± 49 min

Indirect connections are possible from most neighbouring towns and even from Maastricht (Netherlands).
Check http://reisinfo.delijn.be/dienstregelingen/ or http://reisinfo.delijn.be/doorkomsten/DoorkomstenHome.faces? for more information.
Not sure where to get off? Why not take a look in streetview of the stops: (Hasselt is to the east of the stops)
Spalbeek Centrum (35c)
Spalbeek Centrum (91)
Spalbeek Kerk (H1)
Spalbeek diestersteenweg (299/35c alternate route)

By car

There is parking on the premisses itself.
Additionally there are a few parkingspots in the "Molenstraat" (right around the corner) and if these are all taken, there are normally plenty of spots available in the streets around.
Please mind the speed limit, the suburb of Kermt has a speed limit of 50 km/h and multiple speed camera's!

Driving directions

  • Coming from Antwerp:
    • Follow the E313 towards Hasselt/Luik;
    • Exit 27 (Hasselt/Herk-de-Stad) and turn right at the next crossroad;
    • Follow the N2 towards "Herk-de-Stad" for 4.1 km;
    • Turn right into the "Spalbeekstraat";
    • After 400m you have reached Brixel!

By boat

You can dock at the Hasselt marina. From there you need to walk to the bus stop 'Hasselt Molenpoort' Google maps.
Then take the bus to 'Hasselt Station', and use one of the routes described above to get to the space.
See http://www.vvwhasselt.be/ for more information about the marina.

By Airplane

Commercial Airline

Commercial airlines usualy fly to one of these airports nearby: Zaventem, Charleroi, or Maastricht (NL).
From there you need to find public transportation to Hasselt, from there you can use one of the public transportation routes mentioned above.

Light aircraft

If you are flying yourself, you could take a look at Aero-Kiewit Flying club. From there you can easily take a bus to Hasselt, and use one of the public transportation routes mentioned above.