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Central command

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Project: Central command (working title)
Description: central command
Status: In progress
Participants: Kefcom
Expertise: Windows, Arduino, vb.net
Edit tags: Central command


A system that shows informational screens.
Currently running 'screenshaver' application (github here soon)
It can run 4 programs:

  • images
    • Shows random images from a folder, either 1 or 4 per screen, sometimes with sliding animation, sometimes not.
  • websites
    • Shows 1 random website per screen as defined in the config file. The time these are displayed is linked to config item defaultimagestime.
  • slots
    • Lucky 7's! Currently configured with a 1 in 8 win ratio.
  • slots_imgs
    • Same slot machine, but with images instead of numbers. (not used at the moment).

these can be launched from the commandline (eg: "screenshaver.exe images").
Shortcuts to these have been put on the desktop.

It is also set as the screensaver of the system, with images as the default program to run.


There is a config file in c:\screenshaver\ that defines some settings:

  • defaultmode=images <- this defines the default program to run (see above).
  • defaultfolder=C:\Users\kefcom\Pictures <- This is the default folder for images, if you delete the config, it will make a new one, pointing to your personal pictures folder.
  • defaultslotimgs=c:\screenshaver\images <- Folder where the images are if the slots are used with pictures. if this folder contains more then 7 pictures, the program will chose 7 and keep using them, unless slotsalwaysrandom=1.
  • defaultimagestime=5000 <- Default time between pictures.
  • useprimaryscreen=0 <- if set to 0, the primary screen will not show any of the programs.
  • slotsimgsalwaysrandom=0 <- when set to 1, the program will choose 7 random pictures from the defaultslotimgs folder with each spin.
  • <urls> </urls> <- Put URLS to show between these tags.