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Creating Meetings and MeetingMinutes

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Creating a Meeting

Creating a meeting is as simple as creating a new event.
Use the Eventform!

If the start and endtime are filled in correctly, the meeting will be visible in the upcoming events.


The name of the event should always be "Meeting <YEAR> <MONTH> <DAY>", ex: "Meeting 2014 03 04"
This ensures consistency and easy sorting.

The default values of the event form are to be left alone for Meetings. (What, Subject, etc...)

The contents of the page should be the discussion points of the meeting.

Once the page is saved, if will belong to the category "Events".

Creating a MeetingMinute

To create a MeetingMinutes, you can edit the event page about the meeting that was created earlier. (See above.)

At the bottom of the form, the "Meeting Minutes?" checkbox can be checked. This removes the page from the "Events" Category, and adds it automatically to the "MeetingMinutes" and "Brixel" category.


The people that were present and those that were excused will be added at the top of the page.

The contents of the meeting minutes will be changed to reflect what was decided in the proposed discussion points.

Johan (talk) 18:44, 1 March 2014 (CET)