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Project: E-gauges
Description: Electronic gauges for my Corvette
Status: New
Participants: Jrial
Expertise: Arduino, Electronics
Edit tags: E-gauges


I'm restoring a 1976 Chevrolet Corvette, and I'm not planning on keeping it historically correct. I plan to thoroughly modernise the interior, replacing the gauge area with a navigation unit, and moving the gauges out of the way. For this, they need to be scaled down, so it'll be Arduino based with small (OLED?) displays.

Note: project picture is not of my actual project; it's an example project that I'm using for aesthetic inspiration.


To be determined. The final product will be based on minimal Arduinos, in other words: bare Atmel chips with the minimal supporting circuitry to make sure I don't fry them. I haven't decided on the displays yet.


The project is currently still in the conceptual stage.