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Editing the Wiki

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Hints and tips for editing the Brixel Wiki


For many content types, there are forms that need to be used.
The project form and event form are the main ones.
Please use these forms!

Using the forms will make a lot of things automatical and more importantly, it will make everything consistent.

All the available forms can be found here.


Every page should belong to 1 or more categories. There is a list of all defined categories available with an explanation of each category and where to use it.

Categories can be added to a page by inserting the tag [[category:NAME]] somewhere in the page. MediaWiki recommends putting these tags at the bottom of the page in order to make editing pages less confusing.


  • [[category:events]]
  • [[category:projects]]


All pagenames and content should be in English. English is always the first language. For translations to Dutch or other languages, a subpage is made with the ISO code of the language.


If for some reason certain content will only be available in Dutch, still an English main page needs to be made, but it can automatically redirect to the Dutch subpage.

This structure is important for automatic link generation, etc...