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Dutch FAQ can be found here

What is Brixel?

The name Brixel comes from a "Brick", signifying building something, and a "Pixel", signifying a digital environment.
As digital things are build inside hackerspaces, we think the name "Brixel" is appropriate for ours.

What is a Hackerspace?

Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places, where people can meet and work on their projects.
At present, Brixel doesn't have a fixed real physical place, but we can make use of several different places for public events or for all-weekend hackatons.

A list of all hackerspaces on Earth can be found here.

What do you do?

Our hackerspace is a place to meet people with different backgrounds, we socialize and drink our favorite beverages.
It is also a place to exchange knowledge and information, or discuss about different subjects.
We also organise events and presentations for people, or go to external events.
Last, but not least, we build things: Code or libraries for programs, but also physical things.

Where do you do it?

Brixel HQ is located in Spalbeek and we organise events and meetings on tuesday and friday. We do not have something planned every tuesday and friday, but we try to be open as much as possible.
Please subscribe to our public mailinglist to get informed about these happenings to avoid standing before a closed door.

Normally, we gather at around 18:00h localtime, but that can vary. There is no fixed endtime.

Other meetings for hacking, socializing and discussions happen most of the time during weekends, please check out the "Upcoming events" below. We welcome everybody, young or old, even non-members, at all of these events and in our Brixel HQ. Come have a look, it is fun!
The past events can be seen on the event page.

How do I get a Wiki account?

Just use the signup form.
To protect against automated bots, all requests are manually reviewed, so you will not get an approval imediately after requesting an account. Normally you will get access within a few days.

How do I get on the mailinglist?

You can signup at the following URL: https://discuss.brixel.be.
Please note we employ our own PKI and you should import our Root CA Certificate available from Brixel-CA.

When I reply to the mailinglist, only the sender receives the message. Why don't you change the mailinglist settings?

You didn't reply to the mailinglist, but you replied to the sender. This is what the "reply"-button of your mailclient is supposed to do.

We "could" change an option of the Mailman mailinglist, but we do not want to force this behavior on all participants of the list as it also breaks a lot of other things and essentially changes the way email replies work. Why should the "reply"-button change its functionality for a mailinglist?

However, your mailclient has an option to reply to the list, or to all, instead. Most of the time your mailclient (Even Google Mail) allows you to change the default behaviour of the 'standard'-reply button.
If you want to always reply to the mailinglist, simply change the setting of your mailclient. This way all mailinglist participants can choose for themselves how they like to reply to mailinglist mails.

As you can see, the mailinglist is configured on purpose like this as it prevents accidental private replies to the whole list and doesn't narrow down the way email can be replied to. For more information see: http://www.unicom.com/pw/reply-to-harmful.html

I want to help, but I don't know how.

Don't worry. As we are still getting up to speed, we need a lot of things done. Have a look at our Still to do page, there is probably something you can do. If not, join or mailinglist and ask!

I want to join Brixel!

We advise you to join our mailinglist and come to one of our events.
Most of them are free and everybody is welcome!
Some of our events only have a small amount of people joining, but normally there is always someone from the organisation to help you on your way.
Depending on the location of the event, certain technology is available: 3D printers, Osciloscope, Soldering station, Welding machines, etc...
If you like it, and want to join us regularly, we kindly ask you to become a paying member.

I want to use your equipment

Unfortunately, we are not an organisation that arranges equipment for personal use. There are plenty of commercial entities that do this.
Most of our equipment is owned by our members and you will have to adhere to their conditions and restrictions.
If you have an interesting project, people are probably willing to join you and might gain access to the equipment you need.
You best bet is to ask around on our mailinglist or on one of our events.

If you use our equipment, we kindly ask you do document your project on our project-page.