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Fosdem 2015

From Brixel - Hackerspace Hasselt
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Fosdem 2015
From Sat 31 Jan 2015 9:00
until Sun 01 Feb 2015 19:00
Fosdem 2015 Logo.png
Free and Open Source Developer European Meeting
Fosdem 2015
ULB Solbosch Campus
€ 0
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Fosdem 2015

FOSDEM stands for Free and Open Source Developer European meeting. Thus this meeting is about open source development. The event takes place in the buildings of the VUB in Brussels. During the two days the event there are many talks about various topics, from MySQL to pure electronics. Since some of our members showed interest in going to FOSDEM, this topic came to live. In this topic you can enter when and how you are going to FOSDEM. It might even be possible to carpool with some fellow members.

Name of member Saturday Sunday How Carpool requested Comments
Berend Maybe Maybe Not sure Yes I am not entirely sure when I want to go, depends on the talks. Both days are an option too
Johan Yes Yes By car (4 wheels) No It would be an honour to take a bunch of people with me. I have to investigate the schedule a bit further...
RoelandK Yes Maybe not sure Yes, someone there and someone back.. :) will probably crash in Brussels with a friend
Yennick Yes Maybe not sure Yes, someone there not coming back Long story....
woutervddn Yes Maybe Car no we've got a lot of stuff in the trunk. So not really any room left for a passenger.Maybe with any uck 1 person extra can het in the car