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Horde Tasks

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Brixel uses the Horde Framework to manage and organize several things. As this framework is rather extensive and different usage methods exists, some form of guidelines must exist in order to use the infrastructure in a consistent way and to make sure everyone knows how to use this tool.

This document describes a basis in order to create and manage tasks for Brixel in the Horde framework. It defines some groundrules in order to use this feature in a more consistent way.

Document goals

The goal of this document is to

  • Define some groundrules in order to use Horde Tasks in a more consistent way.
  • Make sure the functionality and features of Horde Tasks are understood.


Tasks are a method to create and assign TODO’s and follow up on the actual status. Repeating tasks and a task hierarchy (dependencies) are supported.

If in a meeting it has been decided a certain person will carry out a certain task, a Horde task must be created and assigned to this person.

Horde Tasks General.png

Fields with a red * are mandatory.


Tasks must be named in such a way it is clear what the task entails.

If this is not possible, or ambiguity can occur, the task must be described with more detail in the “Description”-tab.

If tasks require a specific routine to be followed, this routine can be described in the "Description"-tab, or a link can be added to an external document describing the task contents.


Task should be limited to “simple” actions that can be carried out by a single individual, such as “Sweep floor”, “Clean Kitchen desk”, etc… If tasks require a larger effort consisting of multiple actions, subtask should be created in order to keep it manageable. Such larger tasks might be “Organise Workshopday”, with all its subtasks linked to this “Parrent Task”. The subtasks need to be specific.

Horde Tasks Hierarchy.png

It is advised to use the wording “(Parent task)” in the name of the parent task to avoid confusion.


Tasks should be assigned a an individual as much as possible.

The assigned individual will be responsible to keep the status of the task up to date and make sure the task gets executed on time.

If multiple people will work on the same task, a single person will be assigned and this person will act as a “groupleader”. I.e.: Distributing flyers.

Due dates

Tasks should have a due date if this date is known and applicable.

Adding a due date has the advantage the task will be visible in the calendar automatically and it makes it easy to sort all tasks in a logical execution order.

If a task will take multiple days to execute or complete, it is allowed to set a due date to indicate the next date the task will be worked on. In that case the date may be changed several times during the lifetime of the task.

Completion & Deletion

Tasks will be marked as complete when they have been executed.

Tasks will be deleted when they are no longer required and therefore not executed.

Delayed start

If a task is not immediately relevant, it can be delayed until a certain date. This makes sure the task will remain “invisible” in the “incomplete tasks” until the configured date arrives. Such tasks are available in the “future tasks”-tab.

This is particularly convenient in combination with recurring tasks.


If tasks need to occur regularly, they can be scheduled with recurrence.

In order to use recurrence, the due date must be set.

Horde Tasks Recurrence.png

Active Sync

If you have configured ActiveSync on your smartphone or other device and you wish to synchronise the Tasks, make sure the correct tasklists are selected for synchronization.

This is configured under your personal settings for tasks: Preferences ==> Tasks ==> Synchronization Preferences.

If you sync several different tasklists, depending on support in your app, you can enable “Support separate task lists?” in order to have different taskslists on your device instead of one big tasklist.

Incompatible use cases

If you have a use case for tasks that seems to be incompatible with this document, please discuss.

--Johan (talk) 11:27, 21 June 2017 (CEST)