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Items:3D printer (Hacked Ultimaker Original)

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Item: 3D printer (Hacked Ultimaker Original)
Status: Imaculate
Owner: Johan
Location: Johan's Hideout
All allowed to: Use 
If asked allowed to: Research 
Edit tags: 3D printer (Hacked Ultimaker Original)


This 3D printer is an Ultimaker Original, with a heated bed and some other improvements.


I makes use of 2.85mm filament and the following filament is normally available:


  • Black
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Light blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Brown/Gold
  • Purple
  • Light green
  • Transparent


  • Black


  • Squishy


The printer is owned by Johan and is normally also located at Johan's Hideout as the environment is very important to ensure quality prints.

Brixel members are allowed to make use of the printer.
For small prints, or if you provide your own filament, there is normally no cost involved. For larger prints, sometimes a small payment can be asked to cover the costs and to prevent misuse. Check with Johan.