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Items:USB3 to SATA/IDE

From Brixel - Hackerspace Hasselt
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Item: USB3 to SATA/IDE
Status: Usable
Owner: Berend
Location: Brixel HQ
All allowed to: Use 
If asked allowed to: Research Repair Modify 
Edit tags: USB3 to SATA/IDE

Have a faulty HDD? Need to recover some data? Want to steal someone's encrypted files (DON'T)? This tool will help you to solve all these issues. Connect your drives (supported: IDE, SATAI, SATAII and SATAIII) to the device, attach a power cord if required (for everything except the 2.5" drives). Then attach the device using the USB3-cable to your computer. And hope for the best, since this device isn't tested yet.