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Items:Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Item: Ultrasonic Cleaner
Status: Imaculate
Owner: Johan
Location: Johan's Hideout
All allowed to: Use 
If asked allowed to: Borrow 
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An Aoyue 9050 ultrasonic cleaner is available for cleaning small components, PCBs, etc...
The dimensions of the cleaning bath are 165(w) x 85(h) x 45(d) mm and the contents is +-/ 500ml.

The operating frequency is about 40kHz (fixed) and the power output can be switched between 30W and 50W.

It can be used to clean residues from PCBs, etc...

Usage instructions

It is important that at enough fluid is added to the bath so that the level is about 1cm under the rim. This can be a special cleaning fluid or just water (with a drop of laundry detergent).
Water is the most cost effective, but isn't really suitable to get rid of fatty or oily residues. It is possible to use water as the main fluid but insert a small cup of cleaning fluid (with the items to be cleaned) into the water. (Like bain-marie.) This ensures the items are cleaned in the cleaning fluid, but doesn't necesitate filling the whole bath with this (expensive) cleaning fluid.

The parts touching the bottom of the bath, will not be cleaned very well. Parts can be hung from the edge or manually turned around during the cleaning cycle.

The unit is not suiatable for continuous operation and a "cooldown" period of 2 minutes must be observed after a 5 minute operation. After 5 operations, a 10 minute cooldown must be observed.
The timer is fixed to 99 seconds, and a "normal" cleaning cycle can require 1 to 3 of such 99 second sessions.

The effectiveness of the cleaning van be increased by using heated fluid. Some special cleaning fluids require them to be heated. The maximum temperature for this cleaner is 70° C.

After use, the cleaning fluid must be drained and the equipment dried.

Important remarks

  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, microphones, etc... will probably die when being subjected to ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Piezoelectric buzzers can work in reverse and produce voltage, which may fry the circuit attached to it.
  • It does not sterilize the objects being cleaned. Spores and viruses will remain on the objects after cleaning.