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Project: Let's invade Liechtenstein
Description: The plan is to invade Liechtenstein, to claim that land as our own.
Status: New
Participants: Berend
Expertise: Invasion techniques
Edit tags: Liechtenstein

This is a fun project. We should consider invading Greece first, just as a try-out. A suggestion is a horse.


The actual project to invade Liechtenstein is not that easy. Since we take the Liechtensteinian Army as a serious opponent, and shouldn't been ignored. However, Liechtenstein doesn't have a functional navy (we know of). We should exploit that weakness by using a submarine. The advantage of using a submarine is that we can use the downhill gradient caused by the height difference between the Belgian Ardennes and Liechtenstein. (Source: http://www.landenweb.nl/liechtenstein/)