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Project: Network Box
Description: A "box" that will provide a temporary (Wifi) network in a quick and easy way during meetings and events.
Status: On hold
Participants: Johan
Expertise: Network
Edit tags: NetworkBox


The Networkbox is a "box" that is very easy to setup and is able to provide power, wired network, wireless network for several people. This is ideal for congresses or other events that require temorary, but stable, networkconnectivity.


The "box" is actually an alluminium suitcase housing the following:

  • Power cord for "upstream" connection
  • Power strip for "downstream" connections
  • UTP cable for "upstream" connectivity
  • Ethernet switch for "downstream" connectivity
  • Wifi accesspoint for "downstream" connectivity

It is currectly being researched if the following things are also possible:

  • Wireless "upstream" connectivity


The goal is to be able to setup a network quickly in the field. This network is more or less separated from the "upstream" network by a firewall.