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Brixel PKI

PKI ProjectPicture.png
In order to use SSL certificates and other security things, it is better to have complete control of the infrastructure.


E-gauges ProjectPicture.jpg
This project aims to replace the various gauges in the center panel of my Corvette with sleeker, modern ones that can be fitted in a smaller area, freeing up the center console for an entertainment/navigation unit.


Chauffeino ProjectPicture.jpg
Intelligent central heating solution, based on Arduino-based wireless thermostats and a Linux-powered central controlling unit, in order to manage different temperature zones within a house. The system will not require any substantial setup, and just figure out the optimal parameters as it goes.

MediaWiki Event Bot

WikiEventBot ProjectPicture.png

3D printed portal turret

3D printed portal turret ProjectPicture.jpg
A 3D printed portal turret with a CR2032 powered 3mm red LED

Space button

Spacebutton ProjectPicture.jpg


Domus ProjectPicture.png
Home Automation with MisterHouse and a CubieTruck.

8ch PWM LED Dimmer

8ch PWM LED Dimmer ProjectPicture.jpg
8 channel PWM LED Dimmer

Forwarding a machine on Scarlet's BBOX2 (Sagem F@ST 3464)

A tutorial to get a machine's data to the outside world when your home connection is served by a BBOX2

Arcade box

The main goal is to build an arcade machine, in a storage box for easy transportation

Brixel's Project Kerbal

We're using the old Thrill Drive Arcade cabinet together with a dedicated controller to have the most genuine Kerbal Experience possible

Logging server

No project picture.png
The loggingserver is one of the first projects at Brixel. It's goal is to be a very flexible monitoringserver, with a very simple yet powerful core.


Bristlebots ProjectPicture.jpg
Creating motion by vibrating, these little bots are cute, as wel as fun and easy to make.


Let's light up the space using LED strips instead of those power hungry TL lights.

Server Management

No project picture.png
Because of recent infrastructure issues, the online infrastructure needs to be handled more professionally.

Let's invade Liechtenstein

No project picture.png
We plan to invade Liechtenstein. We intent to use a submarine, some drones and lots of Mate.

3D printed pokeball

3Dprinted pokeball hand.jpg
A 3D printed pokeball, with glowing button.

Smart Plugs

No project picture.png
A smart distribution plug capable of monitoring Voltage and Current, controlling appliances and integrate into a home automation system via a wireless network.

Openvpn & DNS server to allow seamless resolving of custom TLDs/domains.

Openvpn-w-custom-dns ProjectPicture.png
Openvpn is used for redirecting traffic which is really handy. But sometimes you want to go the extra mile, like when you want to resolve custom domains. The combination of Openvpn & Bind9 allows us to do just that.


No project picture.png


Raspberry pi camera mount ProjectPicture.jpg
The goal of this project is to create a camera mount for the raspberry pi. The camera will be able to pan and tilt via servo-engines.

To do: -3D model -Arduino code -Python code -Web gui

-Android app

Bottle rocket

Waterrocket 11.JPG
Using a conversion piece to connect a normal soda bottle to a gardena coupler, we can add air pressure to the bottle (with a bicycle pump), and then release it so it flies away.


No project picture.png
The musicbox should be able to stream music from Google Music (or other streaming services) and show controls and artwork on the optional LCD-display

Authentication using NFC

No project picture.png
NFC laat toe om via wireless-communicatie (al dan niet via bluetooth) bepaalde acties uit te voeren op mobile devices. Met behulp van NFC-kaartjes en een Arduino (of dergelijke) en een NFC-shield moet het mogelijk zijn om deze te gebruiken voor een authenticatie/"Open the door"-systeem.

Raspberry Pi - Homecinema

No project picture.png
Raspberry Pi - Homecinema

C# Tutorial

No project picture.png
The programming language C# is one of the most common industrial languages out there. In this tutorial we'll get acquainted with the syntatic sugar, the development process and overall experience of C# (and the related .NET-framework).

Bee Hive Frameholder

Bee Hive Frameholder ProjectPicture.png
Stand to (temporary) hold frames during beehive inspections.


No project picture.png

Apt Cache Server

We've build an Apt Caching Server for Brixel to reduce bandwidth

3D printed chess set

3D printed chess set ProjectPicture.jpg
A 3D printed chess set. complete with board and pieces.

3d printed robot - InMoov

Here is “InMoov”, the first life size humanoid robot you can 3D print and animate. You have a 3D printer, some building skills, This project is for you!!

3D printed plant feeder

WP 20150920 18 17 28 Pro.jpg
This 3D printed bottle cap can be stuck in the soil of your plants. This way the plants take as much water as they need, and you don't have to water them so often.


No project picture.png

Local Node Red server

No project picture.png
The Brixel HQ has the potential to have a lot of sensors, but since we don't want to have them each individually connect to a specific service, we need a local node red server. Node red is an IoT hub, which you can run locally. It has a web interface, and can be integrated with various IoT-device brokers (like MQTT).


Shelter ProjectPicture.jpg
"The" project to get a roof above our heads...

Brixel Wiki

Wiki Awesomeness ProjectPicture.png
All information about our MediaWiki

Coffee tweeter

Coffee tweeter ProjectPicture.jpg
Inspired by the invention of the webcam, I decided to create the next best thing: a coffee pot that tweets when there is fresh coffee made!

Git sessions

No project picture.png

3D Allen Key

3D Allen Key.png
This project creates an Allen key (Hex key, Inbussleutel) in OpenSCAD and explains how it was done. The code is parametreized, allowing you to create a complete set.


No project picture.png
My first steps in the Arduino enviroment world

Central command (working title)

Central command ProjectPicture.png
Central command is a provider of information. It can show data on 3 screens in the middle of the space.

Bike Game

A BikeGame used in Quizzes by Els

CNC router the cheap way

No project picture.png
CNC router the cheap way

Assets and Artwork

No project picture.png
Assets and Artwork

Space API

SpaceAPi ProjectPicture.png
The SpaceAPI gives hackerspaces all over the world the possibilities to show whether they are open or not. We want to implement this in our space.

3d printed anamatronic arm and hand for 9 year old girl

3d printed anamatronic proteze ProjectPicture.jpg
3d hand and arm for 9 year old with bould in anamatronics brain stimulance controled

Wouters 6 bay full tower Computer Casemod

Computer Casemod ProjectPicture.jpg
I was looking for a new computer case for my new desktop (internals still need to be picked). After looking around I wasn't satisfied with the value per € of new cases. I remembered I had a 6 bay full tower on the attic at my parents place. The case used to house a webserver and arrived with a tape drive (iirc). I've got no idea who manufactured this case, but the ABS front panel does show that it was molded in 1999. So now I'm painting the sides, cutting a shape in one side and putting plexi behind it. I'm also replacing the standard ABS front plate with a "grill"/mesh structure to complete this style overhaul.

Network Box

No project picture.png
A "box" that will provide a temporary (Wifi) network in a quick and easy way during meetings and events.

Wiki Awesomeness

Wiki Awesomeness ProjectPicture.png
Take the Wiki to infinity and beyond!!!


Slack Icon.png
Brixel used to have an IRC-room, but since Slack we Slack it all.

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