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Project: Server Management
Description: Because of recent infrastructure issues, the online infrastructure needs to be handled more professionally.
Status: New
Participants: Johan
Edit tags: ServerManagement

Because of recent infrastructure issues, the online infrastructure needs to be handled more professionally. I (Johan) propose the following:


Make an inventory of all existing services:

  • Webserver
  • Wiki
  • Mailserver
  • DNS
  • Database server
  • ...


There is a Wiki that is reachable at wiki.brixel.be and wiki.hsha.be


  • DNS pointers
    • Wouter
  • Webserver
    • Johan
  • Database
    • Johan

We need to know exacly what is used for which services.


All services need to be monitored.

The external can be monitored for availability without any problems. Johan will set something up.

The internal services (Database, etc...) can also be monitored but will need some extra work.

To make the monitoring better, not only the availability of services needs to be monitored, but also the required resources. (Diskspace, CPU load, etc...)

Ideally also logfiles are monitored for potential problems (Warnings, errors, etc...)


When a service is unreachable, an alert needs to be sent out.

At first this will be to a special mailinglist and to the persons that are responsible for this service.

When there is no reaction, optionally an SMS can be sent out.


We need to define a RACI index with persons and services.

For each service:

  • Who is Responsible (to keep it running)
  • Who is Accountable (when somethings goes wrong, probably always the v.z.w.)
  • Who is Consulted (for configuration changes)
  • Who is Informed (when things happen)

For each service at least 2 persons need to be able to have knowledge and access.

What Responsible Accountable Consulted Informed
Wiki Webserver Johan Brixel v.z.w. Johan Infrastructure Webteam
Wiki Database Johan Brixel v.z.w. Johan Infrastructure Webteam
Wiki Content Brixel leden Brixel v.z.w. Nobody Nobody
Webserver Wouter Brixel v.z.w. Wouter Infrastructure Webteam
DNS entries Wouter Brixel v.z.w. Depends Infrastructure Webteam


I propose to setup a new mailgroup for all things related to the online infrastructure. Ideally all (configuration) changes are announced to this mailing list.

Infrastructure webteam

The infrastructure webteam can be reached at infraweb at the domain discuss.hsha.be.