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Smart Plugs

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Project: Smart Plugs
Description: A smart distribution plug
Status: In progress
Participants: Johan, David, Tweetster
Expertise: Electronics, Microcontrollers
Edit tags: Smart Plugs

What is it?

It is a distributing plug connected to a wireless network capable of doing nifty things:

  • Manual switching of individual plugs (On/Off)
  • Automatical switching of individual plugs, based on time
  • Monitoring of V, A and VA of every individual plug
  • Logging of V, A and VA for each individual plug
  • Alarms possible for V, A and VA (Min/max)
  • RGB leds to display power state: (min/max individually settable)
    • off: Outlet off
    • Any color: Outlet on
      • White: On, but no (or very little) power drawn
      • Green: Minimal (settable) power drawn
      • Red: Maximal (settable) power drawn.
      • White -> Green -> Yellow -> Blue -> Prurple -> Red
    • Flashing LED by alarm

How will we do it?

  • Communication through home Wifi network
  • Web2.0 interface for status and configuration
  • API available for integration with home automation
  • Alarms through email, SNMP, API, etc...


Several desicions have been made:

  • We will use a Spark to power our hardware.
  • We found a way to measure Voltage/Current and are designing the circuit

Interesting info