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Project: Space button
Description: The space button is one of the device that manage the SpaceAPI's status
Status: Completed
Participants: Berend, Alex
Expertise: Electronics, ESP8266
Edit tags: Spacebutton

The Space button is an ESP8266 with a LED ring and a single switch button. Pressing this button performs an API call to the SpaceAPI to trigger it to change status (open or closed).

The button's LED ring shows the current status of the SpaceAPI.


Since the button is using an ESP8266 to run and connect to the APIs, not a lot of code is possible to be used.

Software issues

One of the main issues is that, mainly due to lack of RAM, no SSL rootchains can be stored. For that reason, the fingerprint of the SpaceAPI's SSL cert is stored hardcoded. One can see, that once a new SSL certificate is being used (for whatever reason), the SSL cert is not accepted and no HTTP calls can be executed. >> Solution: use the Local node red server to connect to, and let that handle the SSL connections with any API.