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Still Needed

From Brixel - Hackerspace Hasselt
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This is a page that lists all things we still require.

If you can help us, please let us know on the mailinglist!

If you can provide something from this list, please add your name the the end of it.
This means things without a name are still needed, and things with a name are already existing.

Update by Juan: to make the list easier to overview, make the things that are incoming italic, and the things that are already on-site strikethrough. Also, reorder the list: first items that are still needed, then the ones that are incoming, finally the ones that are present - that way, people can easily see what still needs attention.

Hackerspace things

  • Components
    • Sockets
    • Crystals
    • Connectors (2/3/4 pin)
      • Johan: What kind of connectors? Wire-2-Board, Wire-2-Wire, ...?
    • Power regulators (LM7805, etc)
  • Tools
    • lintzaag
    • programmer/debugger
    • Functiegenerator