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From Wed 16 Apr 2014 13:30
until Wed 16 Apr 2014 17:00
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de Borggraaf
Kevin, Wouter, Stijn
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Speelplein "Zowiezo" has asked Brixel (Hackerspace Hasselt) to help them with their "Terugkomdag". On this day the (future) members of Zowiezo could have some extra fun with the additional events and entertainment we provided.

Of course, as a hackerspace, the events were a technical oriented, but still suitable for children ages 6-16.

This is what we did:


3... 2... 1... Lift off!!!

Fun! fun! fun!
A standard bottle with a little water was launched from our launchplatform.

A bike pump provided additional air pressure and when the "launch"-cord was pulled, the rocket soared through the air.

Different air pressures and different amounts of water were tried to find out the changes in behaviour.


Without stabilizing fins, the rocket would sometimes not go in the intended direction...

Additional pictures

Bristle bots

Bristelbots in their natural habitat

What do a toothbrush, a coin battery, an excentric motor and googly eyes all have in common?
They are all parts of bristle bots!

Putting all parts together is a though job...

Starting from a 3D printed chassis, all these parts were assembled with some hot glue.
The bristles were bent and shaven a little to give the bot a prefered direction.

Afterwards it was to the fighting arena for the Big Bad Bristlebot Battle. Last man standing rules!
Offcourse, most of the children went of to show of their functional bristlebot to everyone in stead of entering the arena. ;-)

Additional pictures

LED paintings

A finished LED painting

A small painted canvas with some hand-soldered LED lights, that is what a LED painting is.

First a painting on a small canvas was made. This was already fun for most participants.
After the paint was dry, LEDs where added to the painting and the difference between the short and long connection of LEDs was explained.

Last, but not least, the LEDs where soldered and a small battery was added: The LED painting is finished!

Because of the young age of participants, many painted, but not many soldered. Interestingly, girls were more interested in soldering than boys!

Additional pictures