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Workshopday 01

From Brixel - Hackerspace Hasselt
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Workshopday 01
From Sat 09 Nov 2013 14:00
until Sat 09 Nov 2013 22:00
Brixel logo.png
Brixel Workshopday
Our very first Workshopday!
€ 5
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Workshopday 01

On 2013/11/09 Brixel gave its very first "Workshopday".
We wanted to show that Brixel is capable of providing knowledge to others and organizing events for a broad target public.
We didn't really know what to expect, but with 40 visitors for this first edition, it was a smashing success! We were not only surprised by the number of visitors, but also by the broad age range. Not only the typical male public was present, but also several females and even parents of younger visitors.


We had several simultaneous tracks, with different topics. The following tracks and topics where handled:

  • Web development
    • HTML & CSS
    • PHP
    • JQuery
  • Electronics
    • Electronics 101
    • Soft Circuits
  • Art
    • Illustrator
  • Security
    • Web App security and beyond
    • Lockpicking en zo
    • Onderschepping van communicatie: Van toen tot nu

The original poster can be found File:Workshop 01 affiche.pdf.


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